Emelia Morris


Stylist Emelia Morris lives and breathes fashion - but that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when she wasn’t really into fashion, had no real idea what her style was, where to shop, or how to dress for her body type.

From a young age, Emelia’s style was very masculine, but this was more about covering up rather than embracing her tomboy style. Being the only black child at her school for a long time, she was aware from a young age that her body was different to the other girls and with little representation back then of her body type, it led to confusion about her own personal style.

As a teenager, Emelia gained more confidence and started to explore her own personal style further, soon becoming ‘that friend’ you go to for advice on what to wear and how. Fast forward to adulthood and the questions kept coming from colleagues to social media followers for her best outfit tips.

No longer able to ignore her ultimate calling, Emelia now holds the title of Stylist & Image Strategist. She graduated from the Australian Style Institute with a Certificate of Professional Style & Image - an innovative training program equipping her with the essential skills to be a transformational stylist. She also won the Australian Style Institute ‘One to Watch’ award in 2020.

Emelia loves to celebrate her client’s individuality and approaches each tailored session with her client’s goals in mind, ensuring they leave feeling confident and ready to take on whatever lies ahead. Emelia works across a variety of styling mediums, including personal styling, talent styling, branding shoots and red-carpet styling - even virtual styling!

Emelia's point of difference as a stylist and social media collaborator is that she aims to gain more representation within the fashion industry for both women of colour and women of all sizes. Her followers are an authentic and engaging demographic, eager to see more diversity and authenticity within the fashion industry. She hopes to change the landscape within the fashion industry and work collaboratively with brands to promote all sizes and backgrounds.

Emelia has collaborated with national brands including Mister Zimi, Commonry, Sussan, Glam Corner, Bohemian Traders, Frankie Shoes, Samantha Lentini, Kholo the Label and styled everyone for the likes of The Block, The Bachelorette and rising star Allira Potter.

Emelia lives and works on Wada Wurrung Country (Geelong), Victoria.

For all enquiries, please contact:
+61 409 792 742