Kitch Catterall

Digital Journalist, Producer, Artist & Amnesiac

Meet Kitch Catterall, the voice and face behind @soybabie_. A digital journalist and producer, artist and amnesiac, Kitch is the definition of authentic.

Professionally, Kitch works at Channel 10 as a digital journalist and producer, creating engaging content for social media and short-form videos. Her creative side flourishes through Bispha Studios, where she sells original paintings, prints, and ceramics.

In 2023, Kitch sustained a brain injury that resulted in permanent memory loss and amnesia, significantly impacting her life. The journey to recovery has been challenging, marked by struggles with depression and anxiety, but in the past 4-6 months, she has begun to feel like herself again and keen to share her experiences to inspire and support others facing similar challenges.

On the home front, Kitch is newly engaged to her partner of nine years. They recently bought their first home together and share their lives with two beloved rescue dogs, busily renovating and taking on DIY projects. Transparent about her struggles with self-confidence due to acne and scarring in her late 20s, she advocates for not editing or hiding our imperfections, working to normalise 'imperfect' skin as real skin.

Kitch’s fun, relevant and honest content has seen her work with the likes of TOM Organics, Mecca, Brosa, Lifely, Adore Beauty and many more.

For all enquiries, please contact [email protected]