Britt Cutts

Master Trainer, Ambassador & Holistic Fitness Advocate

As an accredited Master trainer with over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry, Britt Cutts knows a thing or two about how important it is to stay active.

Originally from New Zealand and currently residing in Melbourne, Britt devotes her time to providing an educational and holistic approach to fitness - helping her followers (particularly women) become more aware of their mindset, body and training via social media and her app, Body Active by Britt.

Britt is also the Adidas trainer and ambassador for Australia and New Zealand and uses her platform to educate women on how to have a healthy relationship with their training and body image.

Bubbly, relatable and grounded, Britt easily connects with her audience by sharing her journey with building resilience through movement and tools on dealing with life’s challenges.

Britt has worked with global brands including Fitbit, Ripcurl, Everlast, Therabody and Bondi Sands along with iconic Australian brands such as Coles, Dissh, Bangn Body, Myer, Rebel Sports and My Muscle Chef.

Britt is available for speaker appearances, event/live workout hosting, partnerships and social collaborations.

For all enquiries, please contact [email protected]