Tom Barrass

AFL Premiership Player, All Australian & Secretary of McGovern Foundation

Tom Barrass is the vice captain of the West Coast Eagles Football Club, and has played over 120 games since his debut in 2015. He is a 2018 premiership player, and in 2022 was recognised as an all Australian squad member for his individual performance. Over his tenure, Tom has gained experience in high performance, including communication under pressure, feedback, trained awareness and meditation.

Tom is studying a double major in chemistry and philosophy at the University of Western Australia. His interests in the physical sciences lie in the fields of neuroscience, classical physics and quantum mechanics. His philosophical interests are concerned with ethics, epistemology, philosophy of mind and metaphysics. Despite their confronting descriptions, he appreciates and intends to understand the real world application of these topics in his own and others lives to uncover personal or organisational systems of value.

Passionate about contributing to the community, Tom is currently serving as the company secretary for the McGovern Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for the Wanderer Program - a driver mentor program providing the necessary resources for disadvantaged Western Australians to gain their provisional driver’s licence. So far, the program has delivered over 6000 hours of supervised driving and 150 drivers licences, changing family, cultural and vocational outcomes for those involved.

Tom has spent time at the Theravada Buddhist monastery in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Being a student of the spiritual practices at the institution, he has learned many meditation techniques and understandings of the nature of self. He recognises these practises as an important aspect of his own personal growth.

In his spare time, Tom loves to connect with his family and friends, and recognises his interpersonal relationships as the source of joy and contentedness in his life. If these relationships can be paired with quality food, wine and music, all the better! Tom loves to be in the garden, surfing, or in good conversation. Most of all, he enjoys being a father to his two young sons and a support to his beautiful partner Nadia.

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